Vince Grittani is a critically acclaimed and award-winning playwright, producer, director, illustrator and on-air personality. For television he created, produced and hosted “The Weekend Guy” for CanWest and IonLife (U.S) . Previously, he produced and hosted “Cottage Life Television”. In addition, Vince has written dramas, comedies, animation and children’s programming for Nelvana, Paragon Pictures, CBS, Jim Henson Productions, FOX TV, Warner Bros., ABC, Cinar, HBO, Life Network, CTV and CTV Travel.

For theatre he wrote and directed the hit Toronto production of “Yuppies! The Musical” and founded The Muskoka Theatre Project. His other produced plays include “Scenes From My Dock!”, “Quiet! I’m Talking”, “Scenes From the 19th Hole”, “Wake Me When It’s Over!”, “Wedding Whine!”, “Quiche My What!” and “Betwixt & Between”.

Vince wrote and illustrated “The Weekend Guy…a Survival Guide” (Key Porter Books) and has contributed articles to the National Post, Cottage Dog, Muskoka Magazine and The Toronto Sun. He has appeared numerous times as a guest on several television shows including “Real Life”, “Breakfast Television”, “Global Morning”, “Canada AM” and “ Dini Petty”. For nearly fifteen years Vince has created and continues to contribute weekly satirical comics to various publications including “Simply Green”, “Chasing Iago” , “The Weekend Guy”, “What the F**k!” and recently “Cottage Strife”.



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