Celebrate www.MyMuskoka150.com Saturday, May 27. Limited number of spots still available!

33% of available spots are filled!

Join us as we celebrate both Canada and Ontario’s One-Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary!

On Saturday, May 27, 2017, 11:00 AM at the Gravenhurst Opera House, we are inviting anyone and everyone to attend a pop-up choir to learn, sing and record “My Muskoka”, a song that captures the spirit of Muskoka. If you grew up in Muskoka, have a cottage, are a regular visitor or just love Muskoka, you are invited! Sports teams, dance, seniors and hobby clubs are invited. Co-workers, schoolmates, government and public are invited. Church choirs, school choirs, individuals, and bands are invited. If you can sing a tune, hum a tune, carry a tune or even think you are in tune, you are invited. AND IT’S FREE!

FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. WE ARE LIMITED TO 300 PEOPLE FOR THIS EVENT. (100 already gone)  TO REGISTER PLEASE EMAIL sing@MyMuskoka150.com YOUR NAME and the NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN YOUR PARTY .   You will receive a confirmation.

On the day of the event, participants with be placed in their designated area according to their voice range as indicated on their registration form. The event will be lead by a professional conductor and musicians. The session itself will be filmed and recorded by a team of qualified technicians.  In addition, we are asking participants to bring their phones, record and submit their My Muskoka experience (VISUALS ONLY) We will be selecting entries to be included in the finished film to be featured at the 4th Annual Muskoka Film Festival in October at the Gravenhurst Opera House.



FOR MORE INFO VISIT www.MyMuskoka150.com

50 my muskok


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