If Harper Can Use The Hijab To Distract You From Facts Then I Can Use My Dog Iago to Get Your Attention.

IAGO fence copy

If Harper Can Use The Hijab To Distract You From Facts Then I Can Use My Dog Iago to Get Your Attention.

Harper says the Liberal Party of Canada wants to destroy families and seniors by taking away split income. This is like saying “Vote Conservative ‘Cause We Really Do Give a Damn About You”.

If you are single, have kids over 18 (when they really cost ya) or you are DINKs (Dual Income No Kids) then none of this applies.  Plus, it’s discriminatory.

Our middle class senior population is the wealthiest and healthiest in history and they outnumber kids under 15.

Yet again, Conservatives are attempting to distract away from the real issues.

Our economy in NOT okay, Steve.

We are in a recession. Ask a real economist, not Harper. Manufacturing has gone south. “So screw you, Ontario.” Unemployment figures are showing growth of part time jobs…“I have a degree that I will be paying for the rest of my life. Would you like fries with that?”.  

This Conservative government reached back to their roots and put most of their eggs in Alberta’s oil industry and natural resource basket. I must admit I do like paying 95 cent for gas. However, they even turned on their own. “So screw you too Alberta and Newfoundland.”

I don’t like the 75 cent dollar…although they say it’s good for manufacturing…Manufacturing?  You mean like Heinz Ketchup, Caterpillar Tractors and Novartis? Bye-Bye.

Common sense says when bank rates are low you borrow to get ahead. Isn’t that how most people afford a home these days? The Liberals want to borrow, take on controlled debt to repair, support  and build our aging infrastructure. They are not about giving tax credits for piano lessons, which is also how the Conservatives claim to support the arts.

I know I am repeating myself. Today’s Conservative Party is not the Progressive Conservatives your parents voted for. They are not Mulroney’s or Diefenbaker’s party. They are the Reform Party in sheep’s clothing…and they don’t even wear that well.

So as you read this, and for those who are risking imprisonment by toking as you read this (of which there are probably way more then took advantage of split income tax breaks), look at my cute dog Iago, ignore these Conservatives and vote for your future.   


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