Something For Everyone at The Muskoka Independent Film Festival 2015 in the Village of Rosseau

he Village of Rosseau once again plays host to the 2nd Annual Muskoka Independent Film Festival (MIFF) Aug 27-30 at the Rosseau Memorial Hall. It is the concluding event of  “Destination Rosseau 2015”.  Produced by the Rosseau Culture and Arts Project, this year’s lineup of unique films are an eclectic mix of dramas, comedies, documentaries, animation, shorts and features entered from a variety of countries around the planet including Canada, United States, Australia, Iran, Korea, France, Croatia, India, Greece, Bulgaria, Ireland and Finland to mention a few.

Some of the highlights this year include the animated film “Junk Girl” from Iran  (based on a short poem by the often macabre American filmmaker Tim Burton), comedies featuring cameo roles by veteran actors Tim Conway (Carol Burnett Show) and  Eric Roberts (Julia’s brother), plus, “The Gypsy Witch” a feature drama from Croatia set in the urban world of a modern Roma family.
From Croatia “The Little Gypsy Witch” tells the story of a modern urban Roma family.
Many of the documentaries being presented deal with timely and pertinent topics such as “Paolo’s Dream”  (24 hours in the life of a homeless man in Athens, Greece), “One Hundred Mules Walking The Los Angeles Aqueduct”  about a string string of one hundred mules that drew a line between Los Angeles and a major source of its water in the Eastern Sierra, and “Montana Death Trains” about the thousands of obsolete oil tanker cars that roll across the State, four Indian Reservations and the entire Southern border of Glacier National Park.

The selection committee was so impressed with the production value and storytelling abilities of accomplished award-winning  Vancouver filmmakers Joshua Costea and Peter Bundic (who have only been making films for three years) that all three of their short films entered are being shown. They boys are both 13 and 14 years old, respectively.

As part of this year’s festival, on Saturday at 1:00 PM, MIFF presents “He Shoots, He Scores!”, a interactive lecture by veteran Toronto film composers Jim Gelcer and Donald Quan who will take the audience through the steps of scoring a musical soundscape for film.
Inline images 1
Toronto film composers Jim Gelcer and Donald Quan will demonstrate the steps of scoring a musical soundscape for a film
Friday night is “Fright Night”,  campy horror flicks including the Canadian cult film “Wolf Cop”.  Saturday morning kids can come and watch films for free.
The festival opens on Thursday August 27 with returning guest host Dini Petty. Opening night Dinner/Film packages are available.
For tickets and a complete schedule visit .

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