Affordable Living in the Quaint and Artsy Village of Rosseau

Since moving to Rosseau over 10 years ago, I have seen and experienced many changes. Everything that is public has been renovated from the quaint stone community hall to the waterfront where you can  swim from the sand or launch a boat.  We have a nursing station, great places to shop, eat or just sit and watch the clouds pass by.

The Village of Rosseau is all about its location. It’s NOT in Muskoka but the Township of Seguin, although we are located on Lake Rosseau. This puts us in Northern Ontario, land of cheap licenses, studded tires and great tax incentives for new businesses and film production 🙂  There’s even a film studio 10 minutes away from Rosseau.

Rosseau is also home to award winning theatre, art galleries and a film festival

With this in place I have decided to create some sort of AFFORDABLE living development/colony for anyone interested. When I bought the house in which I presently reside and am selling at $199,000  ( ) I also had to buy the four half acre lots behind me, a total of two acres. I have been looking at various scenarios from creating a condo or coop development  to selling each lot separately.

IDEALLY I would like to create some sort of living situation that ADDS to the cultural landscape of the region. I’m not looking to see a profit, just get the cash out that I have put into the land.  Then with those interested develop the idea. Maybe it’s one building with individually owned apartments. OR a semi-detached homes. Or individual homes with artist workshops/retail space. I personally think it would be cool to have a mix of artists and maybe seniors.

If you are interested in moving to an affordable living situation located in a quaint artistic village located 20 – 35 minutes from Parry Sound, Huntsville, Bracebridge or Port Carling then drop me a line at  Tell me about your ideas, what you would like, your interests and we’ll go from there. ANYTHING is possible.

In the meantime, here are some picts of the land and the surrounding village.

welcome Four lots looking west LAYOUT Semi-detached from road exterior


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