IMG_0751What is humour? This is one of the themes of “The Audit”, my new comedy that opened at the Rosseau Playhouse as part of Destination Rosseau, an integrated festival of theatre, art, film and music. The story follows a time in the life of Ray Halliday, a dentist who gives up his successful practise to become a stand-up comic. But his sudden lifestyle change doesn’t go unnoticed by the Canada Revenue Agency and suddenly agent Honor Roberts is sent in to investigate. 

AUDIT POSTERI wrote this play in response to my own experience of being audited. It’s a frustrating process that is guided by a series of definitions. In the play I even  define the age old questions “What is art?”, according to the Canada Revenue Agency.  Toss in emotions and a sarcastic dog then place it all against the “occupy demonstrations” of 2011…it’s “The Audit”. 

Unlike many of my other productions, this is not a musical, however, there is an original musical soundscape written especially for the show by Dean Watson. I asked for music that sounded like a 70’s sitcom, and Dean delivered. 

Even though two of  the actors are on stage the entire time it is very much a true ensemble work and each has done an incredible job of breathing life into my characters. The show stars Jason Morrow, Theresa Laurenti and Michael Boivin and is directed wonderfully by Sharon Sproule. 

"The Audit" by Vince Grittani
Theresa Laurenti, Jason Morrow and MIchael Boivin star in Vince Grittani’s new play “The Audit”””

“The Audit” runs until Sat. July 19 at 8:00PM with a Wed. Mat at 2:00 PM at the Rosseau Playhouse in the Agricultural Field House. Tickets are $30 and available online at or by phone at 705-224-3542





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