THE AUDIT, a new comedy, OPENS JULY 8 at the Rosseau Playhouse


In 2008 two of my biggest sponsors went into receivership pulling me down within an inch of bankruptcy.

And now the bad news. A few months later Revenue Canada informed me that I had been selected to be audited for the years 2005 and 2006. It is still not resolved for they claim I owe them income tax on funds my biggest sponsor/partner lent us (long boring story). I did however learn that although the government tries to put on a happy “we are here to serve you” face, it is just a huge machine that tells its auditors not to come home empty handed. There is no room for compassion (although they pretend) or understanding.

I learnt a long time ago that in everything painful there is an element of humour. Isn’t that what the best humour is? Misunderstanding and fear?  So I decided to take my fear, stress and sleepless nights and turn it all into a comedy…a dark comedy.

“The Audit” is about a dentist who suddenly gives up his practise to become a standup comic, his sarcastic dog and an auditor from Canada Revenue who has managed to bury her passion in order to do her job.

Don’t worry. Taxes and the audit process are only vehicles to tell the story.

It’s a play about surviving the challenges thrown at you during your journey…divorce, finance, kids and health. The fun stuff in life. It’s about the power of passion and conviction…and the lack of. The play also attempts to answer the age old questions “What is art?” and “What is funny?”.

I have been writing “social comedy” professionally since 1985 when I wrote and directed the year-long Toronto production of “Yuppies The Musical”.  Since then I have go on to lampoon cottage life, aging, wealth, consequences of disease, marriage, divorce, golf, more divorce, exercise and the Catholic church…to mention only a few. I totally believe in writing what you know….(less time researching and more time having fun writing). “The Audit” is no exception.

This past winter I approached an old (mature) friend Sharon Sproule, an accomplished actress and for years the force behind one of the province’s best community theatres in Espanola. I asked her to find me three actors to workshop “The Audit” for a public reading. She found me a teacher, a therapist/life coach and a contract worker for Revenue Canada. (Nice).  Michael Bolvin (oops! name misspelled on poster), Jason Morrow and Theresa Laurenti  did such a great job that I asked them to be part of Destination Rosseau.  The results of their bi weekly workshops under Sharon’s direction is so impressive that I had to bump up the production value to meet their acting skills with a full set. This truly is a production that has exceeded all expectations and I am very proud of it. It’s the perfect way to spend a summer’s night or afternoon on Wednesday while in Muskoka/Parry Sound.

“The Audit” opens July 8 and runs Tues thru Sat 8:00 PM with Wed Matinee at 2:00 PM in the Rosseau Playhouse at 7 Ash St until July 19. For tickets and info visit 


Celebrate Canada Day with Incredible Canadian Art Exhibit in Rosseau


To launch our summer festival Destination Rosseau on July 1, we are proud to present “Brave Art #1, ambiance or commodity”. The title came to me after hearing, on several occasions,  individuals, who visit the gallery then make a decision about a piece based on whether their decorator would approve. My response is always the same. “Be brave. Think for yourself.”

Our first exhibit features new works, landscapes by two artists with very different styles, Barb TenEycke and Stefan Galvanek. Barb’s work is a perfect example of realism, at times reminiscent of W.O. Mitchell’s  “Who Has Seen the Wind?”. They are calming to the soul achieved through the use of muted colours. Stefan on the other hand is the complete opposite. He is abstract/impressionism. Often he chooses dormant subjects like Northern Ontario swamps then brings them to life with a swarm of vibrant colours…totally against the grain.  Placed in the same gallery these artists create an effect that is outstanding and not to be missed. 

The exhibit opens July 1 with a reception 4:00 – 6:00 PM and runs daily 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM until July 20. 

Next up “Brave Art .2” new works by Grace Short (July 22- Aug 10)  an “Brave Art .2” new works by Carolyn Megill (Aug 12-31) 

Vince Grittani, festival director 


ImageImage Image

Starting July 1 – Destination Rosseau – a festival of theatre, art, music and film







What do Billy Bishop, Ditchburn wooden boats, Native Canadian poet Pauline Johnson and the creators of the Shopsy hotdog have in common? The answer is the  Village of Rosseau, at the top of Lake Rosseau

This summer from July 1 thru Sept 20, the Rosseau Culture and Arts Project is hosting “Destination Rosseau”. As executive director I am thrilled to be leading a team of great people helping to launch this incredible festival of integrated arts featuring live summer theatre (including a world premiere), incredible art, hilarious comedy by Canada’s funniest, children’s hands on science camps and all-day parties, a  film festival featuring flicks selected from over 1300 international entries and a jazz weekend to end the season.

To find out more details, where to purchase tickets and discover what brought Billy Bishop and friends to Rosseau you are going to have to visit


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