Interactive Science and Theatre Day Camps in the Village of Rosseau

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Last summer The Rosseau Culture and Arts Project (RCAP) started  The  Academy of Arts and Practical Science. We presented a series of interactive workshops with Professor What’z It! It was so successful that since learning is very much part of the RCAP format, as part of our Destination Rosseau 2014 programme, we are holding 2 one-week day camps here in the Village of Rosseau at the New Playhouse in the Agricultural Hall. A Science Camp from July 14-18 and a Theatre Camp August 11-15. Both sessions are designed for all levels and are lead  by experienced professional teachers.

For the Science Camp, I have recruited two of the most energetic young Ontario teachers and I will admit a bit of nepotism in my hiring of them. Katelyn, my niece, and her husband Aaron, are not only Ontario teachers but bring with them dedication, enthusiasm and life experience that is hard to match. For the past two years they have been teaching in Abu Dhabi, previous to that they taught in Warsaw and Korea. And even though they have travelled the world, two summers ago they returned to Canada and got married here in Rosseau. On top of being  popular teachers with the kids, they have a crazy side and  were campers in their younger years. This is an important feature of the academy in that we are more camp than school! In other words, the fun side of learning.

OIMG_0442ur first science camp is designed to be slightly eclectic, and will appeal to kids from age 9 – 14.  Each day is a brief look at one particular branch of science such as paleontology, mechanics, physics, environmental studies  and astronomy. It will include hands-on experiments (safety always coming first) and an examination of cool but important things like solar energy and endangered species. Things will go pop, zoom and splash. And most important, everything we look at is no further than our own backyards ’cause science is everywhere…especially at the cottage.

maskIn August we offer Theatre Camp run by Mary-Francis Goodwin who has years of experience as a theatre arts teacher and director.  She will be accompanied by her daughter Laurie-Ann, an experienced artist in theatre, film and music. We decided that for our first year to present a week that would be perfect for kids ages 10 -14 from all experience levels; a week long camp working with Neutral Mask. For those who need some encouragement to those for whom performing is second nature, this is a camp that focuses on movement and music. Part mime, part dance and tons of fun. The week finishes with a performance for parents and the public.

Camps will run from 9:00 – 3:30, Monday through Friday.  For more information visit

Vince Grittani (executive director Rosseau Culture And Arts Project) 


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  1. Such great plans – please would you consider extra dates for the science camp – say last two weeks in July – for next year?

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