The Quality of My Country Life…would probably send Oliver and Lisa Douglas back to Manhattan!

This is what the water does to our appliances. Imagine what it does to our health.!

I am very lucky. Not because I live in the country but because I know how to survive in the country. And when I say survive, I’m not talking about chopping down trees and growing my own food (both which I am capable of doing). No, I’m talking about the dealing with those emergency things, like for instance, when I went downstairs yesterday and discovered the water heater oozing rusty goo through its electrical panel. So, I shut off the electrics to the tank, attached a hose and drained the tank…And you should have seen the crap that came out. It was thick black ooooozing, rusty sludge.

I think most people would look at this as a problem. For me it was a challenge. So I packed up the dog, hooked up the trailer and made my way over to my favourite store…La Maison d’Depot.

My well water is, well, poison.

When I stand in the aisle of Home Depot I’m in heaven. So many gadgets to play with. It truly is a learning experience. Of course, the only annoying thing when I am there are those damn salespeople, sorry “associates” (Right. As if they share in company profits). I learned a long time ago that in most cases I know more than they do.

Anyway, I decided on the cheapest 40 gal Hotpoint heater that they had. The reason, because I know I will be replacing it in a few years. You see, even though I, like many residents in the Village, have undrinkable, contaminated  water that is high in iron, the Township continues to look the other way stating “it’s too expensive”, even though the people I know would all be willing to pay whatever to have town water and sewage. Yes, sewage too. Everyone has a septic, that either drains toward the lake or downhill towards my property.

A few years ago I brought a group to our local township who were interested in “developing” the village outskirts. In exchange, they would install water and sewage to the existing residents for free! They also ensured that the development would be in keeping with the “quaintness” of Rosseau.

We were immediately told by the officials saying that the residents of the Township of Seguin (meaning the wealthy cottagers on the lakes) don’t want to see Rosseau change. In other words, tax increases. The present administration prides itself on being fiscally responsible and eliminating the Township debt, for which I commend them. However, to achieve this they eliminated things like garbage pickup and a few other services plus engaged in very little progressive projects.

The new tank… No soldering needed when using those great snap-click couplers! I ended up installing the new tank. It has a six year warranty….of course the tank will last about four if I’m lucky.

2014 is an election year and there is a growing and concerned group of us that are personally going to ensure that the water/sewage issue is front and centre to all the candidates throughout the Township. It is not impossible. It’s a very workable situation that is going to take some creative thinking. (Bet you never thought I was going to make this political!) There comes a time to rethink the term “natural” when it concerns the resident’s health and wealthy…oops I mean welfare.



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