Call for Visual Artists! Summer 2014


The TWG Gallery  operates  under the Rosseau Culture and Arts Project, a registered non-profit arts and culture organization. This summer  TWG will be part of “Destination Rosseau”, our three month branding festival in the  Village of Rosseau that includes art, workshops, live theatre, and of course, art.  Although still a works-in-progress our website is .


20130605_200600For 2014 we are changing the structure of the gallery and although we will retain a representational collection of selective artists, we are dedicating the majority of the presentation space to rotating shows of either individuals or groups. As part of “Destination Rosseau”, we are planning a fairly extensive marketing campaign and this includes promoting the gallery to increase traffic. Our small craft/gift store does create substantial traffic and we are considering adding art supplies to our inventory. We are also going to be using the space as our box office for our theatre located next door. Plus, we are looking at establishing some sort of food service component, also near the gallery. Most likely it will be in the form of a gourmet  food truck.

Our series at the gallery for 2014 is called “BRAVE ART”.  We have chosen this theme for it’s versatility. It can not only refer to the artist and their work but also the viewer and potential buyer. The idea is to challenge the buyer to make a decision based on their own feelings and perception, not their “interior designer” nor another outside influence. There’s a lot of fear involved in buying art. Exposure and education helps.

For the artist, the term “brave” can refer to their art or the process. Perhaps it’s working through some debilitating event in their lives or as simple as moving from one medium to another. It could be the challenge of a subject matter or even to just show their work in public. Maybe it’s the statement your overall story makes.Although we are set up primarily with hanging space, we can easily adapt to display three dimensional art.  We have a variety of wall space and can hang up to 6 feet wide and 8 feet high.  The shows will all open on a Monday Night with a reception and striked on a Sunday, late afternoon. All shows will hang for at least two weekends. Depending on size and medium, each show will consist of a minimum of eight pieces. 

The TWG Gallery

We are open to emerging and established artists. We’ll consider all mediums and genres. We are looking for interesting…and marketable work.  However, there must be some aspect of “new”.  You can be an artist new to the Muskoka/Parry Sound gallery scene.  Your show can include new works and previously completed works from you own portfolio. At least 75% of your work has to be available for sale. The remaining 25% can be borrowed and for display only. You need to be available to hang and strike your show with our assistance. The split is 60% artist, 40% gallery.


The TWG Gallery is located in an old brick farmhouse in the middle of the Village of Rosseau on Lake Rosseau, right on the main throughway. Our clientele consists of middle and upper income, seasonal cottagers, visitors to the area and professionals from the surrounding communities.  The presentation space is all white with original walls and movable, secure flats. We have a hook and wire hanging system and the rooms are lit with a combination of natural and adjustable electric sources.

If you are interested in participating this summer we’d love to hear from you! Please send an email , tell us your story and give us a  link to your info and portfolio by December 31, 2013.  The sooner the better.

Vince Grittani , (executive director  Rosseau Culture and Arts Project)


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