“That Would Look Great Over The Couch” Yikes! But It Is The Truth.

Practical art. (5′ x7′ handmade 100% wool rugs $1500 and accent pillows $200 by Caryn Ladovsky.) TWG GALLERY

I admit that I have never been a supporter of art for art’s sake. As a playwright when I begin a new project I always imagine the audience laughing or applauding. They are the end users of the months, sometimes years, of work I create alone at my desk.  And I have finally come to accept, as it applies in the performing arts, the same goes for the visual arts.

A painter can sit and spend days, weeks or months on a piece  and think that it is completed. However, until someone possesses it, either as a gift or purchase, is the process of creating art complete? I totally recognize the fact that art and its creation is good for the soul. But I’m talking about those who do it to feed oneself.  In other words, a professional.

Now since I opened the TWG Gallery, I have come to appreciate, like a play that it is written well and waiting to be produced, a work of art hangs in the gallery waiting to be purchased.  And not until a producer or theatre comes around and has the money or space to produce a play, a painting waits for someone with the funds and a place to display their purchase.

More and more each day I hear the words “That would look great…” either over, above or between a piece of furniture or architectural detail.  And as the theatre is a playwright’s final venue, the living room or den belongs to the visual artist.  Lucky is the playwright who receives sponsorship or the painter whose work is purchased by a public gallery or corporate collection.

"Would look good in the den." 25" x 29" by Johanna Van Kempen
“Would look good in the den.”
25″ x 29″ by Johanna Van Kempen

So, the art that is hanging in any gallery is somewhere between being a commodity and an accent piece.

And here I thought I was in the business of promoting culture. I am in fact selling household interior objects. Perhaps I should be offering terms of “Don’t pay a cent until…” .  Ay caramba!

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One thought on ““That Would Look Great Over The Couch” Yikes! But It Is The Truth.

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  1. I think that it is very nice that people want to incorporate your art into their lives that way. So long as they don’t buy it for the bathroom, consider yourself an honoured guest in their home.

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