A Day in the Life of Rosseau…They came, they painted…now what?

The First Annual “Paint the Town – Rosseau”,  was a great success. However, as with everything in life one has to remain flexible, and so at the end of the day I had to change things up.

The artists all arrived early in the day, received their official packages and set out-a-painting wearing their smart “CreaCtivity” T-Shirts that I had made.


(The Group of Seven for the first annual Paint the Town – Rosseau . Back Row (Left) Mahtab Abudollahi, Barb TenEycke, Nola McConnan, Caryn Ladovsky, Stefan Galvanek. Front Row Linda Woolven and Vince Grittani.  Unfortunately, Sue Slocum was away when this photo was taken.) 

Being a novice at this event, I quickly learned that I should have had them draw for locations for  the theme was “A Day in The Life of Rosseau!”.  Six of the seven artist ended up down at the waterfront where the Classic Car and Boat Show was happening. In the end the results were amazing. Most artists did more than one painting or drawing.  At 5:00 PM  we all gathered back at the TWG Gallery for the big auction.  The reason for the auction was held was to raise funds to buy a tent for the Muskoka Theatre Project.  Unfortunately, even though a ton of people said they were coming, few bidders showed up.

My instinct clicked in and I decided to quickly put a new spin on the event.  I didn’t want everyone’s hard work to go to waste so I cancelled the auction and instead we have decided to assemble “A Day In the Life of Rosseau”, as a special show here at the TWG Gallery.  In addition, we are going to create a limited edition 2014 calendar as a fundraiser for “In-Tent To Build” Campaign.

All in all the event did what it was supposed to do.  It brought attention to the TWG Gallery and further fulfilled the mission set out by The Rosseau Culture and Arts Project, which is to produce an environment of integrated and diverse cultural, “creaCtivity” that will see the Village of Rosseau become a sustainable performing and visual arts destination.

Here’s a sneak preview of some of the pieces.

’til the week ends

Vince Grittani, Executive Director, Rosseau Culture and Arts Project

Galvanek Waterfront

Caryn Boathouse

Nola General Store

Slocum Beach

Mahtab Red Truck

Barb Rossea Rocks

Woolven Red Rosseau


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