“Up North” The Cottage Theme Song by Vince Grittani & Rosalind Mills

I had a great evening last night when I spoke at the Muskoka Lake Association AGM. In spite of the “technical difficulties” I presented a short talk on cottage life then and now, a few personal anecdotes from my own experience, and then took a few jabs a some of the over the top “monstrosities” people are building in Muskoka, so out of touch with the region.

It was a reassuring experience for my ego as “my fans”, mostly long time cottage lifers, expressed keene interest in the TWG GALLERY and my desire to build a theatre in Rosseau. My friend Mary Gair, who is also president of the Rosseau Culture and Arts Project, and I met a teacher from our high school years. All in all it was a pleasure to be asked.
Oh yes, I got my first glimpse at the 2013 MLA yearbook and saw the layout for my short story based on my screenplay “The Grass Widow”. It looked so good that I’m going to use it to help with the pitch for financing.

Part of my powerpoint presentation included to slide presentations set to music here’s the first one set to the song from “Up North” from my musical “Scenes From My Dock”. I wrote the lyrics and my writing partner Rosalind Mills the music. The comics are mine from a variety of sources.


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