GRACE SHORT and JAYNE EASTWOOD are hung (well)…At the TWG Gallery, Centre of CreaCtivity


  Oil and Wax on Canvas # 1   60″X48″     Grace Short 


Little did I realize the woman walking her feisty terrier, Boss, past my front door every day would end up hanging in the TWG Gallery. It wasn’t until the day she yelled out. “Are you Vince? I’m Grace Short”, did we speak. Apparently she had just been talking to her friend, actress Jayne Eastwood, whom I had been trying to convince to let me hang some of her work in the gallery. Then Grace said, with great modesty, “I’m a painter.”

“Oh here we go”, I said to myself. Every Tom, Dick and Mary is suddenly a painter and wants to be in my new gallery.  I knew who this woman was because of her famous brother-in-law.  But that celebrity was a little too far removed for me to promote…unless of she was more than a hobby painter. This is where I inserted my first foot into my mouth.

Grace then stepped into the gallery which I was still in the process of assembling. She immediately was drawn to a work by Carolyn Megill. And when I mentioned that Carolyn also showed in one of Toronto’s better fine art galleries, Grace added that she too was with them. This is where I inserted my other foot into my mouth. 


“Horizons  Rearranged” (diptyck)   Mixed  media  (sgrafitto)  30″X36″  Carolyn Megill

Over time I learned through discussion and googling that Grace Short was a very fine and accomplished abstract painter.   A resident of Muskoka and California, Grace’s abstracts hang in a variety of private and corporate collections of the Hollywood and Toronto glitterati over to Las Vegas Hotels. Having studied at both Sheridan College and UCLA, her work has been featured in several group and solo shows in Canada and the United States, one of which was completely sold out before it even opened.

Her process includes the use of repetitive detailing, blended muted south-west colours and autumn shades combined with metallic dabs and well defined strokes. Depth in her paintings is achieved with both inner and outer reflective lighting sources that bounce off of a three- dimensional surface. The result is a unique, almost ethnic, motif without a specific origin.  

Grace and I have become friends and finally this week she brought over a few pieces for me to hang.  I am thrilled. 

I am also realizing how much I appreciate and like contemporary art in addition to traditional styles, although I still refuse to accept any pictures of loons or Muskoka chairs in the gallery. And of course, in addition to the fact that I love Jayne Eastwood as an actress, she is quite an accomplished painter and now have a few of her pieces  hanging. 


“Birches of Muskoka”  oil on canvas     20″ X 20″ Jayne Eastwood 

Although these works still hang in the gallery there has been quite a bit of interest  and I suspect they will be sold soon. 

This is only a small sampling of the fine art by these and other artists. It’s worth coming to Rosseau for a visit and seeing all of them in person. 

TWG Gallery  8 Hwy 632, PO Box 256, Rosseau, Ontario P0C 1JO  July and August 11-5 every day.








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