5″ x 7′ rug or wall hanging        15″ x15″ pillows   100% cotton  By Caryn Ladovsky 

Caryn Ladovsky is not a quiet, demure, petite little girl who enters a room unnoticed.  Instead she is vibrant, fun and full  of enthusiasm. After studying Fine Arts at York University and before becoming a full time artist she worked in a multitude of jobs from the talent department of CBC to the working with the fallen Garth Drabinsky. Once her family was able to tend on their own she returned to her art and worked in a variety of media until she discovered her talent at “doodling on her I-Pad” then producing these designs  as beautiful, 100% woven wool rugs and pillows. 

When I first saw them I realized that the artist IS her art. These woven works are bright, fun and vibrant, much like their creator.  I immediately knew that I had to have them not just in the gallery, but hanging in a place that they were visible from the street. And being a fine craft, I have hung them in the outer room against the brick wall where I can light them at night. 

The rugs are almost too beautiful to have on the floor. They are the item around which one can decorate. 

Unfortunately I only have a limited number of both the rugs and pillows and their reasonable price point will see them leave the gallery quickly.  They truly do define the term “practical art”.  

At the TWG Gallery   Village of Rosseau  Everyday July and August 11-5



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