“My Muskoka” A Thank You to Muskoka Lakes Association with a Muskoka Theme Song.

Thank you Muskoka Lakes Association for inviting me to speak at the 2013 AGM. It was great to see and speak to a group of cottagers who remember the raison d’être, why we came to Muskoka and cottage life in the first place. Owning a cottage isn’t a contest. It’s a life that leaves the urban race behind. Join me, The Weekend Guy and celebrate COTTAGE SIMPLE. I asked photographer Bev McMullen to lend me a few photos of her Muskoka and set them and a few of my own to my song from the original “Scenes From My Dock” in 2001, “My Muskoka”. Enjoy.


“Up North” The Cottage Theme Song by Vince Grittani & Rosalind Mills

I had a great evening last night when I spoke at the Muskoka Lake Association AGM. In spite of the “technical difficulties” I presented a short talk on cottage life then and now, a few personal anecdotes from my own experience, and then took a few jabs a some of the over the top “monstrosities” people are building in Muskoka, so out of touch with the region.

It was a reassuring experience for my ego as “my fans”, mostly long time cottage lifers, expressed keene interest in the TWG GALLERY and my desire to build a theatre in Rosseau. My friend Mary Gair, who is also president of the Rosseau Culture and Arts Project, and I met a teacher from our high school years. All in all it was a pleasure to be asked.
Oh yes, I got my first glimpse at the 2013 MLA yearbook and saw the layout for my short story based on my screenplay “The Grass Widow”. It looked so good that I’m going to use it to help with the pitch for financing.

Part of my powerpoint presentation included to slide presentations set to music here’s the first one set to the song from “Up North” from my musical “Scenes From My Dock”. I wrote the lyrics and my writing partner Rosalind Mills the music. The comics are mine from a variety of sources.

Canadian Mint Coin Artist at the TWG Gallery

Artist Nathalie Bertin whose paintings hang at the TWG GALLERY is the designer of the Canadian Mint’s latest 20 dollar silver coin “A Story of The Northern Lights” . Almost 70% sold out, the coin features a hare looking off into a distant hologram of the Northern Lights.


Nathalie’s paintings, many of which feature animals from hares to deer, are presented in a “folk” style that reflect her Metis background.  Personally, one of my favourite of Nathalie’s paintings is a of a big, 3′ x 3′ bold rooster that I know will someday hang in a large kitchen or great room.  It’s on display in a prominent position at the TWG and has to be seen to be appreciated.


Open 7 days a week, 11 – 5 PM the TWG Gallery is located at 8 Hwy 632 in the Village of Rosseau.

Have a great weekend,





5″ x 7′ rug or wall hanging        15″ x15″ pillows   100% cotton  By Caryn Ladovsky 

Caryn Ladovsky is not a quiet, demure, petite little girl who enters a room unnoticed.  Instead she is vibrant, fun and full  of enthusiasm. After studying Fine Arts at York University and before becoming a full time artist she worked in a multitude of jobs from the talent department of CBC to the working with the fallen Garth Drabinsky. Once her family was able to tend on their own she returned to her art and worked in a variety of media until she discovered her talent at “doodling on her I-Pad” then producing these designs  as beautiful, 100% woven wool rugs and pillows. 

When I first saw them I realized that the artist IS her art. These woven works are bright, fun and vibrant, much like their creator.  I immediately knew that I had to have them not just in the gallery, but hanging in a place that they were visible from the street. And being a fine craft, I have hung them in the outer room against the brick wall where I can light them at night. 

The rugs are almost too beautiful to have on the floor. They are the item around which one can decorate. 

Unfortunately I only have a limited number of both the rugs and pillows and their reasonable price point will see them leave the gallery quickly.  They truly do define the term “practical art”.  

At the TWG Gallery   Village of Rosseau  Everyday July and August 11-5 



GRACE SHORT and JAYNE EASTWOOD are hung (well)…At the TWG Gallery, Centre of CreaCtivity


  Oil and Wax on Canvas # 1   60″X48″     Grace Short 


Little did I realize the woman walking her feisty terrier, Boss, past my front door every day would end up hanging in the TWG Gallery. It wasn’t until the day she yelled out. “Are you Vince? I’m Grace Short”, did we speak. Apparently she had just been talking to her friend, actress Jayne Eastwood, whom I had been trying to convince to let me hang some of her work in the gallery. Then Grace said, with great modesty, “I’m a painter.”

“Oh here we go”, I said to myself. Every Tom, Dick and Mary is suddenly a painter and wants to be in my new gallery.  I knew who this woman was because of her famous brother-in-law.  But that celebrity was a little too far removed for me to promote…unless of she was more than a hobby painter. This is where I inserted my first foot into my mouth.

Grace then stepped into the gallery which I was still in the process of assembling. She immediately was drawn to a work by Carolyn Megill. And when I mentioned that Carolyn also showed in one of Toronto’s better fine art galleries, Grace added that she too was with them. This is where I inserted my other foot into my mouth. 


“Horizons  Rearranged” (diptyck)   Mixed  media  (sgrafitto)  30″X36″  Carolyn Megill

Over time I learned through discussion and googling that Grace Short was a very fine and accomplished abstract painter.   A resident of Muskoka and California, Grace’s abstracts hang in a variety of private and corporate collections of the Hollywood and Toronto glitterati over to Las Vegas Hotels. Having studied at both Sheridan College and UCLA, her work has been featured in several group and solo shows in Canada and the United States, one of which was completely sold out before it even opened.

Her process includes the use of repetitive detailing, blended muted south-west colours and autumn shades combined with metallic dabs and well defined strokes. Depth in her paintings is achieved with both inner and outer reflective lighting sources that bounce off of a three- dimensional surface. The result is a unique, almost ethnic, motif without a specific origin.  

Grace and I have become friends and finally this week she brought over a few pieces for me to hang.  I am thrilled. 

I am also realizing how much I appreciate and like contemporary art in addition to traditional styles, although I still refuse to accept any pictures of loons or Muskoka chairs in the gallery. And of course, in addition to the fact that I love Jayne Eastwood as an actress, she is quite an accomplished painter and now have a few of her pieces  hanging. 


“Birches of Muskoka”  oil on canvas     20″ X 20″ Jayne Eastwood 

Although these works still hang in the gallery there has been quite a bit of interest  and I suspect they will be sold soon. 

This is only a small sampling of the fine art by these and other artists. It’s worth coming to Rosseau for a visit and seeing all of them in person. 

TWG Gallery  8 Hwy 632, PO Box 256, Rosseau, Ontario P0C 1JO  July and August 11-5 every day.