Is The Weekend Guy Too Hot for Muskoka?

A few months ago “What’s Up” Magazine published the comic of mine seen below. Now normally I don’t explain the intent behind anything I write or draw. If you don’t get it then you don’t get it. However, this comic was lampooning the fact that perhaps our on again off again spring was Mother Nature telling us that we better start listening to global warming threats. And the only ones listening were those wanting to plant their gardens.

Last week I got a call from the president of the Bracebridge Horticultural Society. She was assigned the task and was reminded at a second meeting apparently that 1) Find out what the heck he means. We don’t get it! and 2) Why is everyone looking so old? Is this what he thinks “we”, the members, are like? A bunch of Old Farts???

I explained to the president, who seemed somewhat embarrassed having to make the call that first, the comic was seen all over Muskoka, and there was no reason I was to assume I was talking about Bracebridge. And second, I told her if she looked closely, there’s only one old fart with a cane and the others are vibrant individuals of all ages.

So I asked her the average age of her members. She never answered which told me a lot.

In the end, these people apparently spent time at two meetings to discuss my comic and probably a third after “el presidente” reported back to them. So as far as I am concerned, my job is done!

Earlier this year another comic was mentioned on CBC Radio. In the end, after two and a half years, “What’s Up” has decided to go another direction and no longer publish my comic. Perhaps I am just too damn controversial for their readers.Image


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