For Art’s Sake. No, for Vince’s Sake!

ImageImageImageThe TWG Gallery in the Village of Rosseau is open for business. The truth is I can’t believe I pulled this one off in a month and a half. All the living room furniture is upstairs, the sunroom was cleared plus the walls and floors painted. 

Being a story teller I decided that I would choose visual artists who had a story to tell and whose art  I liked enough to sell. As a result, I have assembled a pretty eclectic troupe of characters. Interestingly enough it’s been very similar to staging one of my productions.

Artists are artists, whether they are painters or actors. Some come with low self esteem and others with inflated egos. They require reassurance. Some accept constructive criticism and other not so well. A few have a sense of business and many need someone to keep their affairs in order. And this is all good. It’s what makes art flourish otherwise it wouldn’t be art, it would be called Walmart. Don’t ask me what that means…I am an artist. 

Anyway, as I sit here greeting people when they enter the gallery, it reminds me of standing at the back of the theatre on opening night, waiting to see if the “get it”.  The great thing about presenting a variety of visual artists is that it’s a rare person who enters and isn’t attracted to at least one style or format. I have modern abstract from the worldly trained to self taught naturalists. I have works that would hang great in the urban office and others over the fireplace at the cottage. 

The inner rooms are “fine”, one of art… watercolours, oils, acrylics and drawings. In the sunroom, crafts and “reproduced” art like photography, pottery, jewellery, reproduced maps, cards, woodwork, miniature paintings on feathers and more. I shall focus on each artist in future blogs. Some are even celebrities in other media. 

So If I encourage you to come and visit the Village of Rosseau. As a matter of fact we have four galleries now in town and I hope more open. This is stage one in becoming a sustainable arts destination. Next comes more cafes and bars. For now we have Crossroads, a great restaurant, along with a few fine gift stores. A trip to our Village over the summer is worth the drive. 

’til the week ends

TWG Gallery  8 Hwy 632 Rosseau, ON  705-774-4487

July and August – daily 11-5:00 PM

June, Sept & Oct – Thurs thru Monday 11-5:00 PM 




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