Recycling Iago…A Weekend Guy Tip

ImageLast week I spent an hour and a half removing the winter undercoat from my buddy Iago, the bearded collie. I’m only half way through and will attack the back half later this week. In the meantime I was sitting here with this pile of hair. It seemed a shame to throw it away. So my friend Mary Gair, (president of  my Muskoka Theatre Project) had an idea. She brought over an empty net bag from a lemons. (I suppose you could use one from onions or even a hair net from the Ukrainian woman cooking in the diner down the street.) Then we stuffed Iago’s hair into the bag, tied it up and hung it in  the cedar trees outside. Now the birds can use the hair to build their nests.  I have in the past tossed the hair on the ground but this way it will stay dry and in reach for Tweety and his friends. 

’til the week ends




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