Call for Visual and Solo Performing Artists Here in Muskoka!


I am looking for visual artists to promote and sell their work,  plus solo performing artists for small intimate house concerts this summer in in my  new TWG gallery located in the Village of Rosseau at the top of Muskoka.  I plan on promoting the hell out of this place. Each summer thousands of people roam the streets looking for stuff to see with money burns a hole in their pockets.

For the visual artists it will be a consignment contract. Pieces that sell well are: pottery, some jewellery, carvings in all medium, watercolours, some photography, glass, some one-of-a kind wearable art,  paintings and sculptures that say “I bought this in Muskoka….Ontario….Canada”.

In addition, I plan on staging “Who’s Soiree Now?…Intimate Concerts for the Universal Soul”…private, full-course themed dinner parties with entertainment in the gallery and out in the courtyard. For this I am looking for solo performing artists or small (3 max) musical groups.

My idea is to see how it goes this summer. Then if it flies, continue and eventually expand the gallery  ( I do have 2.5 acres right here in the middle of Rosseau to play with). So it’s small, safe baby steps then maybe one day I can build this…


For those who don’t know me, I am a professional writer and illustrator/cartoonist, playwright, and producer. I founded the Muskoka Theatre Project, which unfortunately its activity, with the demise of Red Leaves, was curtailed. However, we are a phoenix, and while everyone went bankrupt, we hung in there and are slowly rising to the top.  Presently my focus is on film and television. In particular, I just completed a new draft of “The Grass Widow”, based on my hit “Quiet! I’m Talking”.  I am receiving quite the buzz here and in L.A. with the current version of the screenplay that I originally wrote over twenty years ago. This summer I am planning (if I am permitted) on having a reading of “The Grass Widow”, that is set in Muskoka. It will be  a move towards either a film and/or theatre festival. You can learn more at .

In the meantime,  if you are an artist or know anyone who might be interested please forward this note and have them contact me at  Thanks.

’til the week ends



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