A New Year, New Direction.

Well 2010 is here.  And I feel that there’s big changes ahead. Not just in my life but all around.  So I decided to erase all past blogs and start fresh. I will however give a quick update.    

You say something?

Iago is now a year old and has become  quite the spirited dog. He’s much more social than my last Bearded Collie, Cloud, who many of you know from The Weekend Guy TV show or even Pistol from my days on Cottage Life Television. Iago is  not as defensive as Cloud…although he likes to make his presence known. He’s a lover, not a fighter.  A bit of a talker when something’s a-brewing.  At the moment the routine is he wakes me up early…and we walk and ski  into the bush for an hour or two. I try to wear him out, but that rarely happens.

I’m now living in the Village of Rosseau. However, I’ve decided to sell the property. Time for a change. It’s a great property. Five 1/2 acre separately deeded lots. The house is on one and the rest of the lots could be  developed.  It’s a terrific place for a seniors resident or even a small inn or hotel. But then the house itself would make a great B&B. Rosseau is a very charming place and really comes alive in the summer.   Here, take a look.

Originally, I was planning on building a rehearsal studio. But the way things have turned out I’ve had to abandon those plans. I’m still recovering  from the demise of Red Leaves, the planned billion dollar resort village down the road. I invested five years of my time and a lot of money with the goal of having the theatre there. Then when they went under last year, I thought  about building it here in Rosseau but that’s a full time job in itself and I’m getting further and further away from writing and producing. I’m not giving up theatre, just the dream of actually building one. However, if someone has a plan of how to get one built or have a few million they would like to donate…I’m listenin!

For this summer it looks like my one-woman show “Quiet! I’m Talking” is returning  and my golf musical “Scenes From the 19th Hole” is going on tour later this year. My business partner is heading off to England next week to organize the tour and promote the show. We’re talking to interested parties in Florida. That would be sweet!

I’m also back at selling real estate here in Muskoka and enjoying it.  I’ve bought and sold so many times in the past ten years up here in Muskoka, the experience has given me valuable information that I can share with clients! You wouldn’t believe the number of people I know who have bought a lakeside cottage and know nothing about what to expect! It’s a lot different than buying a house in the city.

Even in this market  there’s still buyers and sellers. Lots, actually. I’m working with a small independent broker who just moved their office up here from Southern Ontario. I prefer it because I too am an independent person.

Well, this is the first blog and I don’t want to wear out my welcome.  There’s so much to talk about. 

’til the week ends



2 thoughts on “A New Year, New Direction.

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  1. I just watched one of your shows on making clay ovens. I think this would be a great thing to do in the summer with my kids. But when I goggled it for a book on how to build a clay oven I could not find one. Do you have any recommendations for books so my kids and I can do this as a summer project?

  2. congrats !
    i am a new viewer of your show, from the pacific northwest USA.( ive taken up television do to illness). I am very pleased you were a success because you are both entertaining and informative. after reading your bio and perusing the web pages I find you a very ‘real’ person as well and a true success story.
    may your days always be filled with happiness because you provide that for some of us viewers as well.

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